Panel Counsel

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Thank you for accessing RSUI’s Non-Profit Organization and Private Company Management Liability Panel Counsel Finder Site. RSUI is excited to be able to offer you easy access to attorneys in your area.

Please keep in mind while reviewing the various firms and counsel listed, however, a few important considerations:

  • RSUI retains the right to appoint counsel of its choosing to defend Claims covered under your policy. RSUI will make that choice from this list and will consider your preferences in that regard. RSUI will normally appoint a panel counsel in keeping with the geographic area or jurisdiction in which a Claim will be pursued.
  • Your insurance policy with RSUI is a Duty to Defend, Claims Made and Reported insurance policy. This means that timely notice of Claim is extremely important to preserve coverage under your policy. Use of this list, this site, or contacting attorneys listed here is not notice of Claim under your policy.

Please be reminded that all coverage under your policy is governed by the policy’s express terms and conditions and RSUI urges you to consult your policy for your rights and RSUI’s obligations.


Find panel counsel in your state who is appointed by RSUI.